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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (And we know you have them...!)

We are obsessed with our "Willow's Wonders"™ "one-of-a-kind wonder of a cookie"(formerly "Willow's Wonderfuls") and we hope you are too!  But we also know that you may have questions about our cookie - like how can such a delicious cookie be so perfectly healthy and nutritionally sound?! So this is the place for you to get to know as much about our cookie as we do.  And if you don't find the answer to your question here, you can ALWAYS email us from our "CONTACT' page!

How do I know "Willow's Wonders"™ are REALLY Gluten-free?

Great question! You can be absolutely confident that all of our products are gluten-free because we are CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE by the GFCO, the country's top gluten-free certification agency, and all of our products bear their seal (the GF in the circle with the words "Certified Gluten-Free.")  


The GFCO has incredibly rigorous and thorough guidelines to ensure that every product that bears their seal meets their exacting standards.  Therefore, all of our ingredients have gluten levels of <10 ppm according to the GFCO standard.  The FDA standard for the term "gluten-free" is actually <20 ppm, but because the GFCO standard is <10 ppm, we additionally test any raw ingredient that we think may be above 10 ppm, and if any of them are, we don't allow those ingredients into our facility.  


Our cookies are now produced in a DEDICATED FACILITY that is free of the 11 major allergens including: Wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, all tree nuts EXCEPT coconut (our cookies DO contain coconut), fish, shellfish, mustard, and sesame seeds. Therefore there is no gluten anywhere in our facility, and no gluten will ever enter our facility.


We also maintain allergen statements and certifications for all of our raw ingredients, and will not ever use an ingredient that is not documented as gluten-free.  In addition, we thoroughly clean and prepare our facility before each baking to ensure that it is gluten-free..  


Lastly, we also randomly test all of our products on a specified GFCO testing schedule to ensure that our products are always gluten-free.  

How do I know "Willow's Wonders"™ are REALLY free of the 11 major allergens (EXCEPT for coconut)?


Another great question!


FIRST, our cookies are now produced in a DEDICATED FACILITY that is free of 11 major allergens including: Wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, peanuts, all tree nuts EXCEPT COCONUT, fish, shellfish, mustard, and sesame seeds.. We spent the entire winter of 2015 building our new facility and making sure that no allergens have ever entered the facility, and never will.   Therefore, you can be assured that our products are absolutely free of those 11 allergens EXCEPT COCONUT. Additionally, our products contain NO corn, rice, casein, sesame seeds or sulfites.  They are also dye-free, preservative-free, and non-GMO.


SECOND, our cookie ingredients all have been tested by their manufacturers or suppliers to ensure that they are free of all of the above allergens EXCEPT COCONUT.  We have tirelessly sourced all of our ingredients, and continue to do so, and we maintain allergen statements and certifications for all of our ingredients, and we don't allow any ingredients into our facility without that documentation.


A NOTE ABOUT COCONUT:  Coconut is actually botanically classified as a "fibrous one-seeded drupe" which means it can be classified as a nut, a fruit or a seed.  Although in many countries, the coconut is not classified as a tree nut, the FDA has classified it as a tree nut, so we say please consult your allergist if you have any allergen concerns.  We at "Willow's Wonders" think coconut is an amazing ingredient!  It is healthy, tastes delicious and is a natural preservative, and that is why we love using it in our products.


We are also in the process of applying to The Manufacturer Partnership Program, which will allow us to use the "Snack Safely" logo. The Manufacturer Partnership Program is program designed to foster greater transparency in the disclosure of possible sources of allergen cross-contamination during the manufacture of food products. The program is intended to fill the gaps left by the FALCPA labeling regime that leave consumers with food allergies vulnerable.

Wait, "Willow's Wonders"™ cookies are CERTIFIED VEGAN and KOSHER too?!  

Yup, it's true! Honestly, can these cookies get any better?! We are so proud and thrilled to have been certified as Vegan by Vegan Action/Vegan Awareness Foundation, the premier Vegan certification organization in the country, and certified as Kosher Pareve by the Orthodox Union (OU), the most highly-regarded Kosher certification agency in the world!


We are absolutely DAIRY, EGG, MEAT, FISH and SHELLFISH free, and again, as stated above, we maintain allergen statements for all of our products.  All of our products are made in our DEDICATED FACILITY that, in addition to being free of the allergens listed above, are also free of meat and any animal by-products.

Hey, why are some of my cookies...GREEN?!


Let's face it, some of the most wonderful things in the world are green, and sometimes, so is our "Willow's Wonders"™ cookie!  If some of your cookies are green, that's because they are filled with ALA/Omega-3 rich flaxseed and chia seed, as well as sunflower seeds.  When brown flaxseed is baked, it can sometimes turn green, and sunflower seeds can also turn baked goods green when it comes into contact with baking soda.  But rest assured, this does not affect the freshness, taste, or quality of our cookies, in fact, we think it makes them a whole lot better!


So enjoy, and feel good knowing that you're GOING GREEN with "Willow's Wonders!"™

These cookies are incredible! Do they come in any other flavors so I can eat more, more, more?!

Currently, our delicious "Willow's Wonders"™ "one-of-a-kind wonder of a cookie"™ are available in delicious CHOCOLATE CHIP and delectable OATMEAL RAISIN.  We hope you will eat several boxes of these, every day, until we unveil the new flavors we have in the works! Of course, you will be the first to know when we've got these flavors ready for public consumption, so please stay tuned to our website for updates and details, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

I love your packaging, but is it recyclable?


Thank you for being environmentally-conscious, we are too!  And the answer is YES, both our box containers and our large cookie wrappers are recyclable.  Our boxes are BPA-free, polyproplene containers that maintain the freshenss of our all-natural, preservative-free cookies AND keep them chewy and delectable.  These containers are recyclable, but they are also - which we think is even more amazing - REUSABLE!  Once you've devoured our cookies, you can then reuse our containers for whatever you like.  They are pretty, clear and a fabulous size - you know, for lip glosses, kids' crayons, carpentry nails and more.  So go ahead, REUSE!

Why are you changing your name to "Willow's Wonders"™ from "Willow's Wonderfuls"?!

Obviously, both words are simply....wonderful!  But as we began to change our packaging to include all of our new certifications and the information about our new dedicated facility, we realized we kind of, well, needed more room to get our message across!  And simply put, the name "Willow's Wonders" is shorter...AND SWEETER!  So for all of you who have been fans of "Willow's Wonderfuls," climb aboard the "Wonders" train and rest assured that the only thing that's changed about our cookie is a little bit of the name!


Take a look at the Nutritional Facts for our large 2 oz individually wrapped "Willow's Wonderfuls"™ Chocolate Chip Cookie.


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